Stop funding violence and destruction: Buy low harm goods and services

“Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm.”

We are certainly not perfect, but we shop with the intention of only buying low harm goods.

We define low harm buying as:

  1. low impact, closed loop production that is harmonious with the environment
  2. fair to workers at every step in the production chain (particularly the start)
  3. kind to animals

What does this mean exactly?

We believe that there is no need to produce goods that push millions of tonnes of poisonous dioxins into the atmosphere or that require millions of gallons of pesticide to grow. We don’t think it is necessary to clear cut hundreds of acres of native rainforest and replace it with palm oil or consumption cattle stocks.

We don’t support oppressive working conditions that drive slavery or factories filled with child labourers. We prefer to buy things produced by the crafman’s hands rather than the gasoline of the machine. We will gladly pay more to support people to make a decent living from their creativity, effort and skill.

We understand that people enjoy eating meat, but we chose not to. We don’t agree with the unnecessary cruelty that is embedded in the industrial food chain. We prefer to cook our own whole foods from starchy plants than to eat concoctions manufactured by men in lab coats  We let the baby calf have the milk from its mother, the egg become the hen and leave the beast free to run with the herd.

Every time we buy something we have an opportunity to get to know the companies and people that we are doing business with. As we get to know them we can make deliberate choices to support those companies that provide no harm equivalent goods. When we find low harm corporations we believe in what they are doing and so we are proud to fund them.

It is easy to turn a blind eye. Companies go to extremes to ensure that we are not informed about the sorts of global citizens they really are. You can remain insulated from the consequences of your choices or you can chose to open your eyes and consume consciously.

3 thoughts on “Stop funding violence and destruction: Buy low harm goods and services

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  2. Less is more is great by the way. We need to vote with our wallets people! Because when we vote with ballots, it never changes sh%#. Support your community by buying local.

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